Thematic Workshop 3 – Alcohol Taxation and Pricing Policies

The third Thematic Workshop, on Alcohol Taxation and Pricing Policies, was co-hosted by the Lithuanian Drug, Tobacco and Alcohol Control Department (NTAKD), the Public Health Faculty of the Lithuanian University of Health Sciences and the Lithuanian Tobacco and Alcohol Control Coalition (NTAKK). This took place through online  workshop sessions in June 2021 , with the overall aim of exchanging effective policy options to reduce alcohol-related harm on 3 interlinked topics (represented in the EC Alcohol contracts DEEP SEAS, FAR SEAS and AlHaMBRA Project) :

    • Alcohol Taxation and Pricing Policies (DEEP SEAS)
    • Cross-border alcohol purchasing, marketing and trade (FAR SEAS)
    • Unrecorded and illicit Alcohol (AlHaMBRA Project)

See the workshop 3 agenda here.