Task 3 – Capacity building & knowledge exchange

Task 3 of DEEP SEAS will provide a common approach and methodology to support European Member States in knowledge gathering, sharing best practice and capacity building for evidence-based alcohol policy and harm-reduction across multiple sectors, adopting a health in all policies approach.

For this end, the project will elaborate evidence-based briefing documents and organise multi-sectoral thematic workshops for knowledge exchange and capacity building, focusing on 5 specific policy topics related to alcohol:

  1. Marketing and advertising.
  2. Taxation of alcohol, and other pricing mechanisms.
  3. Agriculture policies and support mechanisms.
  4. Inequalities.
  5. Alcohol consumption and nutrition/caloric intake.

The DEEP SEAS Mapping Exercise

As part of the development of the thematic documents and workshops, DEEP SEAS has created a questionnaire designed to gather national-level input from stakeholders in many different sectors (policy, civil society, academia, research, clinical).

If you work in the alcohol field, please contribute to the agendas and policy areas for discussion in any of the 5 topics through the DEEP SEAS – Action in Alcohol Topics -Mapping Exercise (you could also win the chance to attend an EU-level alcohol-related event)

Overview of the Thematic Workshops

Five thematic workshops on alcohol policy topics will be organised under the DEEP SEAS and FAR SEAS service contracts: