Thematic Workshop 6 – Working Together to Prevent Harm due to
Alcohol in the Workplace

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The next Thematic Workshop in the series, ‘Working Together to Prevent Harm due to Alcohol in the Workplace‘, organised under the AlHaMBRA Project contract, will take place through 3 interlinked online workshop sessions on 12th, 17th & 20th May 2022, with the overall aim of exploring different actors’ perspectives, priorities, barriers and solutions in designing and implementing effective action to tackle alcohol use and improve safety and health in workplaces at different policy levels (European, national and local) and across a variety of work settings and industries:

  • Session 1 – Context and evidence for tackling alcohol in European workplaces
  • Session 2 – Coordination for alcohol prevention at work – perspective exchange to overcome barriers
  • Session 3 – Challenges in implementing alcohol prevention in work settings – moving towards EU recommendations

Outputs will include a peer-reviewed scientific summary; a set of short videos introducing the evidence and on-going European initiatives and experiences; and a workshop report, including recommendations for research and policy at the national and European levels.